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Why Nature Connection?

Ever feel chaotic, overwhelmed, scattered? Is your nervous system shot? Are you anxious? Have dis-ease in your life? I did. Then I found calm, clarity, even peace in taking intentional time in nature for connection. Connection with myself, my surroundings and my source. Do you realize we are nature? Uniquely and miraculously created. We have become separated from our source.

Ever feel the need to escape? Take a vacation? Yes, time to get away from all our stresses sounds like the answer but how does that work for you? Great, while on vacation but are you unplugging and connecting or just shifting the view? Unplugging from some, connecting with others but do we incorporate those changes into our life or just go right back to the grind when the week is over? Often with more to do and more stress because the rest of our world didn't unplug when we did, and now we have to catch up!

What happens when you take a fish out of water?

When you unplug the toaster?

When you fail to water your potted plants?

We too, need connection to our source of power. It brings us clarity, energy, and life.

We were created for connection!

What does nature connection look like? Well, you don't have to hug a tree but that is a great way to bring connection! Nature connection is intentional time in and with nature. Time unplugged from that which is not natural. I find being present in the outdoors, getting my bare feet in the grass, focusing on my breath and paying attention to my surroundings brings me into that state of connection I am seeking.

Taking pause amidst the day to reset the nervous system and get a fresh perspective on what else lies ahead. Can’t get away? You can even do this through your imagination! I’d love to teach you some of my favorite nature connection practices so we can find the ones that work best for you, in the time you have and the environment you are in.

Don’t take my word for it, or my intuition, for that matter. Earthing (or grounding) and Forest Bathing are shining a light on the importance of nature connection through scientific findings, so if you like to sink your teeth into the sciency stuff check them out, if that's important to you. I just do it, feel it and know, but still appreciate the support from science!

How do I start? Simply factor into your daily routine some intentional time in nature. It can be harder than it sounds but start with baby steps. 5 minutes a day on your front step or a walk at the park during your lunch break, maybe even barefooted!

Need accountability? Enter a challenge! Sit Spot Challenge. Sunrise Challenge. Harmony Challenge. You can find information on my website regarding these challenges or reach out to me and we can co-create a plan to meet your current abilities. Warning: Once you get a taste of this calm, settled energetic state 5 minutes will grow to 10, 20 and more. When you feel and see for yourself the benefits of nature connection you will be more intentional at unplugging, seeking that deeper connection to gain more clarity, internal wisdom and soul direction.

Need some serious intervention? Try nature immersion! There are different levels based on your abilities, and time commitments, to get immersed. You can build more intentional time into your day, like three smaller chunks of 20 minutes morning, noon and night. Or much like a vacation, get away and deep dive into nature time, but unlike a vacation bring the new practices you are benefiting from back into your everyday life when you return! Unplugging and connecting to the land to others, to source with a half day, mini retreat, or long weekend retreat. A Vision Quest would be the ultimate for the answers on how to become who you need to be in your day to day to live the life you desire, long for, were created to be. There are many options to consider based on how disconnected you feel and what support or guidance you are seeking at this time.

Don't have time? Then there's no time to lose...take immediate steps now!

Take two hours in nature and call me in the morning.

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