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A 5 hawk & 11 turtle day!

What a day! The weather turned out better than I expected, mild temps and warm sunshine. Plus, yep, I saw 5 hawks and 11 turtles throughout my day at the lake. These particular animals bring warm fuzzies to my heart. So much to be grateful for. How about you? Where does your gratitude fall today? Take 5 to tap in and acknowledge what makes your heart happy, your face light up and your smile glow.

Gratitude is a choice. A way to enter into your life one moment to the next. Whether you choose to focus on what you have rather than what is missing, find value in the no's as well as the yes's, appreciate that which is yet to come through tough lessons learned, you can turn your mood upside down by simply entering an attitude of gratitude. It doesn't require expense, investment or even much time. You can simply choose in this moment to realize that for which you are grateful.

There are many practices you can enter into to develop a more regular attitude of gratitude. Probably far more than I am aware of. I'd love to hear about any more you know of in the comments below! I do have a couple I feel nudged to share with you in this moment. Practice a gratitude journal. This can be as simple or as complex as you choose to make it. Simply listing 3 or 5 or more things each day before bed that you were grateful had occurred during your day. Maybe you prefer writing things down in the morning or find a friend to text them to, an accountability partner is a great thing to be grateful for! Maybe you prefer to go into more detail and include stories of how your day played out through these moments. Your choice there is no right or wrong here, but make sure the action you are taking makes sense for you, fills your cup and is something you can commit to doing. If expanding into stories becomes too much of a chore or is too time consuming some days maybe allow yourself a simple list those days.

Another practice is the habit of saying "Thank You." Whether you know the individual or not. Even saying "Thank You" to the driver who provided space for you to change lanes in front of them. They don't have to hear you as they can likely sense the energy. Of course, a wave is good, too. Saying thank you can be for simple acts of kindness in the moment or you can level it up and write thank you cards. These can be your typical thank you's we were taught, as children, to send for birthday gifts, but I challenge you to sit down and put some thought into people who have made an impact in your life and let them know through a card or letter. Acknowledging the way in which they may have changed your life for the better can be a gift to them, as well as, warming your own heart. Especially when this is done out of the blue.

I am grateful for you, for your taking this few minutes to read my thoughts and hear my heart. May tomorrow be full of moments of gratitude for you!

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