My Path so far...

It has been a path of ups and downs, seemingly endless horizons and dead ends, mountain peeks and deep caverns, breathtaking sunrises and tumultuous storms. Maybe you can relate? The lessons I have learned through it all have brought me to this belief: we are all connected. One with creation. We are most aware of this connection when we are in harmony with nature, self and source.

Feeling the pull to coaching for awhile - ok, years! It wasn't until I came across Nature Connected Coaching that things really clicked for me. As a Nature Connected Coach, I strive to help you feel a sense of internal harmony and associate that harmony with a powerful connection to all of creation and a respect for the Earth. Ultimately removing myself from the equation, I put the healing spotlight on nature and in your hands.*

A certified Nature Connected Coach by the *Earth-Based Institute. My purpose is to partner with you on your path towards the change you are seeking. I'd be honored to accompany you on your journey; bringing guidance in finding comfort in the uncomfortable - harmony in the disharmony, holding a safe space for your discovery of self and connection to source. I am particularly drawn to partnering with those who find themselves in the dark, or grey times of life, where a light along their path would be helpful and welcomed.  

My training has included:

Nature Connected Coaching 

Nature Connected Leadership

Guiding through Grief and Loss

Resourcing and Sequencing through Trauma

Coaching with Gestalt-based Experiments

Parts Work 1 & 2

Brain & Change 1 & 2

Long-term Coaching

Thanks for taking the time to learn more about me. I'd love to get to know you too! What have you experienced on your path? Where do you feel it is heading now? How might I walk with you?