Frequent Questions and Expectations

How do we get started?

Booking a coaching session or contacting me via email will get the ball rolling!  Before a session is held there is "paperwork" to complete. The google docs (Disclosure Agreement & Intake Interview) will be sent to you via email and submitted online.

What does a typical coaching session look like?

A pre-session form will be provided via email to help the client enter the session prepared and provide insight to the coach.

The coaching ceremony begins, whether in-person, video or phone,  with a grounding practice. Then we will go through the phases of Severance, Threshold and Incorporation. The session will ending with setting an accountability plan.

Lastly, a post-session form is supplied via email for the client to process the session and provide tracking.

What are your fees?

Your PATH Coach fees are shown for each service if you click the option for more information under the Book Session or Your Next Steps pages. 

Long term coaching is available, which provides for discounted rates. See following question for more details.

Do you offer Long Term Coaching?

Yes! Long term plans can be made for 3, 6, 9 or more months as the client is interested. Plans are customizable to your individual needs but are based on the following concept:

  • A monthly payment to include X number of sessions monthly, then added sessions, 30 min or 60 min, at half price!

  • Unlimited texting support and discounted rates for workshops and retreat offerings during your contracted plan dates.

  • An invitation to the YPC Accountability Team.

  • If payment quarterly or annually, larger discounts may be discussed.

  • Flexibility will be built into the plan, as we all know things shift and change, so we can be adaptable as needed.

  • Tapered plans may be considered, where we hold more sessions up front and taper our sessions to fewer in later months based on your needs and goals, work ethic and accountability level.  

It may take us a few sessions to really narrow in on a plan, those initial sessions can be wrapped into the plan, as fits. If you are interested in exploring long term coaching plan options with me, please let me know.




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