Frequently Asked Questions & Expectations


Booking a coaching session or contacting me via email will get the ball rolling!  Before a session is held there is "paperwork" to complete. The google docs (Disclosure Agreement & Intake Interview) will be sent to you via email and submitted online.


  • Sheri's work with you is 100% confidential. 

  • Coaching is not therapy or consulting. Sheri does not diagnose or give advice. Your answers come from you.

  • Sessions will be client led. Sheri will provide guidance and educate in nature connection practices.

  • The focus during a coaching session is on moving towards the goals you are seeking. 

  • In nature connection we prioritize the slowing down and taking time to connect with our internal nature as well.  

  • Since nature connected coaching is a form of coaching that involves nature, Sheri may suggest that sessions occur outdoors, or that you include nature in your integrative work in between your sessions. 

  • Sessions range in time from 30 mins to 120 minutes; depending upon location and client's preference. Sheri also offers retreats and half day workshops.

  • Sheri is committed to this relationship and will bring her full self to each session, but also realizes that if at anytime it no longer feels like a fit for either client or coach, we may bring our work together to an end.

  • While not a mandated reporter, Sheri will ethically report any concern she has of harm to yourself or others.   


  • A simple pre-session form will be provided via email to help you enter the session prepared, as well as provide insight to Sheri on the plan for the session.

  • Whether in-person, video or phone, the coaching ceremony begins with a grounding practice. Then we will go through the phases of Severance, Threshold and Incorporation. The session will end setting an accountability plan and next steps.

  • Lastly, a simple post-session form is supplied via email for you to process the session and provide progress tracking along our journey together.


  • Your PATH Coach rates are listed with each service on the Schedule Session page.

  • If you are scheduling with Sheri through EBI, payment for your sessions will be made to EBI.

  • Payment expected in advance.

  • Payment options: credit upon scheduling, other options available by request

  • Growth and change take time so Long Term Coaching plans are encouraged.  See following question for more details.


Yes! Long term plans can be made for 3, 6, 9 or more months as the client is interested. Multiple sessions over time are recommended as transformation takes time. Plans are customizable to individual needs but are based on the following concept:

  • A monthly payment to include X number of sessions monthly, at a discounted rate. 

  • Unlimited* texting accountability support *if connection is requiring more that 15 minutes of attention scheduling a session will be recommended

  • Discounts offered for workshops and retreats held during contracted plan dates.

  • Plans paid in advance, quarterly or annually, will provide for larger discounts.

  • Flexibility will be built into the plan, things shift and change, so we'll adapt as needed.

  • Tapered plans may be considered, where more sessions are held up front and taper out to fewer in later months based on needs and goals, work ethic and accountability level.  

It may take a few sessions to narrow in on a plan, those initial sessions can be wrapped into the plan, as fits.

If interested in exploring long term coaching plan options, please let Sheri know.