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Where are you going?

Updated: May 8, 2022

A Timeline of Transitions and Transformations

Have you ever taken the time to document your path? Your timeline of transitions and transformations. While thinking about this today, I visualized the rings on a tree.

What might your rings look like? We all start at day zero which you might place in the middle then our path spirals out to the bark. Some of us hold more rings or spirals than others. Maybe it is a year per ring or maybe each ring is a phase of life? A stage we grow through then transform into our next stage, or state of being. What are the points along your path where you began anew? Were these purposefully taken on by you? Were you in control of this change or did it come at you externally? How did you embrace or reject this change? Did you run towards something new or run away from the old? What lessons did you learn during, or after, this transition? What about today? Are there more takeaways you can glean from this past experience now? Was it fully a transformation? Did your location or story change or did you transform to a new you, dying to the old with new beliefs, a new way of being?

I encourage you to sit with this, maybe even map it out. What might you notice? Any patterns? Where are you now? Is there a shift, transition or transformation at hand? Are you contemplating one? Just coming through one? What are these noticing's telling you? What do they mean to your next steps along your path?

If you are interested in seeking more along this line of where you are, who you are, and where your path is taking you consider investing some intentional time with me at my upcoming retreat where we will be doing just that! Reach out if you have questions or register at

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