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Personal Accountability to Harmony


Your Next Steps

Client Led, Nature Guided

We will journey along your path together, discerning the next steps for you to live into your fullest expression.

Hiking Boots

Nature Connection

Centering - Knowing - Peace

Time in nature, with nature and within nature.  Let's go for a walk, immerse ourselves and go beyond.  Being in nature helps us be with nature.  Finding oneness within nature can be a practice we take with us wherever we are.  This connection provides us clarity in our steps.

Self Awareness

Mind - Body - Spirit

Let's get aware of where you are on your path. Can you see it? Is it over grown with other life worries and the needs of others? 
Are you in the dark? Need a light?  

Let's learn more about you, your gifts, values, personality. How is your life balance? Together we'll establish a plan for your next steps to find harmony in life. Discovering the direction your path is pulling you in. All your answers are within. Internal struggle let's dive into Parts Work and discover what's going on in there.
We will uncover them together!

New Growth


Tools - Workshops - Retreats

Let's discover what tools work for you to support your connection with self, nature and source.  Unplugging to connect in nature on ME-treat retreats or workshops, where we will experience these new practices with new friends!

Take on the 7 day
Harmony Challenge
or join the
HC AccountabilityTeam and take accountability to a new level.

Whereever you’re path is leading, I’m here to help you achieve your goals. Contact me to find out more.

Bridge Over River

“What would life be if we had no courage to attempt anything?”

Vincent van Gogh


My Path

Sheri Peterson

My purpose is to partner with you on your path towards the change you seek. I believe we are each unique, gifted parts of a whole, called to live into our fullest expression. To live out our role in this earth community we need to be connected to self, nature, and source.  My role is to walk with you along your path, from where you currently find yourself to where you feel pulled. We will journey in partnership, care and support.

A Nature Connected Coach, certified by the Earth-Based Institute and striving for my professional coaching credentials through the ICF, International Coach Federation.


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