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Keys to Nature Connection

Updated: May 8, 2022

Like in all relationships showing up is required. The first step, but your meer presence is not enough if you are not present. Enter the space with intention. Give your attention, awareness and curiosity. A willingness to be open, vulnerable, to step into the unknown is key to building trust in a relationship. Seek to know your surroundings. Ask questions and grow understanding.

Making time for this relationship is important. Investing in connection with nature, leads to connection with self and source. Immerse yourself in nature, fall in love. Learning about creation, you are learning about you. You are creation. You are nature. Seek life. Find oneness.

Tools to connect with nature.

Find a sit spot. A special place nearby in nature. Close enough you can visit there daily. A front step, backyard, nearby park or lookout point. There is no right or wrong. Allow your inner pull to guide you. A place you feel grounded and close to nature. Spend time there daily. Get to know your surroundings. Research the plants and animals. Make a map. Get familiar with the baseline of the place. The status quo of what is happening there at that moment, at different times of the day.

While at your sit spot practice 360 listening. Plug into your senses. What do you hear all around you? Close by, far away? What do you see? Smell? Touch? Yep, even taste? What do you sense?

What are you noticing? What is that teaching you? How does that impact you?

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2 comentários

24 de ago. de 2020

Thanks for asking Jan. I have been practicing with a sit spot for nearly 2 years now. I am happy to share from my experience but want to stress that this is my experience and that yours will be different, aligned and suited to you! Find what fits for you. I have several spots around my home and yard now that I have felt pulled to over the years and still allow the pull, and usually the placement of the sun, to dictate where I visit at different times. I also have a couple nearby spots that I find a wander me to. Those also are strong pulls for me around sunrise. One is pictured in the post above…


Sheri ~ I LOVE the idea of a "Sit Spot"! Thank you for great suggestions and questions. I would love to hear more about YOUR Sit Spot! (please ;)

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