• Sheri

Here & Now

Living in the present moment. Easier said than done. Our mind hijacks our thoughts with past worry and future anxiety. Slowing down to spend time in stillness helps to build the ability to pause and settle in to the present. It is a practice. Don't expect it to be easy. Expect it to be worth the investment in yourself. Prioritize you. Time is the most precious gift we have to give. It can never be replaced and is not guaranteed. There are many - many - many options, suggestions and guides out there. Seek what works for you in this phase of your life. It may change. Be gentle with yourself and open to new ideas. Give yourself time to explore different options. You may find that at different times of day your energy needs a different approach.

Personally, I have found the practice of Centering Prayer helps me calm my mind, enter a state of oneness with the world around me and allows for deep connection to my soul. Some days I can not sit still. My energy is needing to move. So often yoga or a mindless wander are more fitting to fill my cup. They help me focus on my body and where it needs attention in the moment