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Leaving the Nest

Time to “spread my wings and fly.” A clear message I received just over a month ago and so much has happened since. I’ll get to some of that, but first I want to turn back time just a tad to May of 2019. When I was just starting this journey as I had just committed to taking the first steps with EBI, Earth-Based Institute on the path to earning my nature connected coaching certification. I remember the vulnerability, fear, and excitement of leaning into a pull I had held back from for a while. That initial leaning in started a pattern in me - baby steps. Steps into the unknown or uncomfortable as I was stretching myself, growing myself and expanding my comfort zone little bits at a time with each experience. That’s how it works. Each step has to be adjacent possible, and with each step we take we move further from that starting point. Then when you look back over 2 years later you can be amazed at how much ground you’ve covered! How much you have expanded your territory with soul directed guidance.

Trust and clarity. I committed those 2+ years ago to seek connection with my source, surroundings and self. I prioritized time in the practice of Centering Prayer; entering into intentional time with God, my source. The time brought such clarity on my path. I see now how it also brought trust. The trust in the clarity to take the next right scary baby steps. I had the trust to step out or lean into the next one because I trusted in that connection and the knowing that came from it.

In this past month, I experienced deep healing, enlightenment and empowerment during a Vision Quest I was fortunate to take. Four days of a fasting solo in the wilderness. Certainly not something I would have leaned into over 2 years ago. It was not adjacent possible then. The growth I have embraced, especially over these last few years, has brought me along my path to this point of being ready to leave the nest, spread my wings and fly. So I resigned from my position at the church of 12+ years so I could go full flight into coaching!

Through these opportunities I have formed new beliefs, and learned how to reframe old beliefs which no longer served me into new ways of being. I’ve learned how to be comfortable in the uncomfortable so I can walk with others in their discomfort. I’ve learned how to reroute my patterns and form new neural pathways so I can guide others in doing the same. I am now courageously taking flight to inspire and guide seekers in finding harmony through healing and nature connection.

Nature connection is my conduit of connection with God, my source. Through nature connection I have learned how to be connected to source. How to guide seekers to be soul-directed on your path to living out your purpose in this earth community. How to spread your wings and take flight! If any of this sounds like something you’d like to experience for yourself, please request a session so we can connect and see if working together at this time is a fit for us.

Maybe I took this message of spreading my wings and flying too literally, but we went paragliding for the first time today! Truly took flight. It was a symbolic way to experience and celebrate my new way of being first hand!

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