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Feel the pull?

Updated: Sep 30, 2019

I have spent many moments along my life's path pondering what exactly I am here for? What am I meant to be doing with my life? Those many Why's? The worth or value of me? All along knowing something was there, a pull to an answer - but what? I've begged - just put it up on a big billboard, with flashing lights, so I won't miss it! I've struggled with believing this place would be better off without me in it. It took being in the dark, getting comfortable with the uncomfortable for me to realize the answers I was seeking from somewhere out there, this pull to the unknown, which I just imagined had to be coming from somewhere else was right inside me all along. That ah-ha moment, actually moments, because you will keep coming back to them time and time again as you practice that grace with yourself, the awareness and connection to allow the pull to bring you back into your self, to your place of knowing. It is worth all the struggle, the darkness, because that is where we learn and grow and blossom from within. Allow yourself to feel the pull, resist the desire to push back, be open to where it takes you. It is where you are meant to go.

Let go and Let's Go!

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