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Trash-n-Treasure Hunt

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Concept: on a wander/walk, carry a bag to collect trash found along the path. Bring awareness to your surroundings through observation and noticing of what does not belong. For each trash item collected take a pause to notice a natural treasure. Are there buds blossoming or flowers in bloom? Birds, squirrels or bunnies in the area? Flowing water in a creek or a blue sky above? What else might you find? Look for things that make you happy, bring a smile to your face. You might go deeper in this noticing by asking what makes this a treasure? How does it make you feel? This pause and noticing will bring us into a gratitude space providing multiple benefits. One is offsetting anger, frustration or sadness that is coming from the trash being left behind by others. Also grounding us to the earth. Resetting our nervous system.

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